Language: Talean

Description: Universally short, gnomes tend from skinny to potbellied, but they’re never more than 3”5. As they get older, their diets tend to get the best of them, with elder gnomes tending to be almost indistinguishable from a dwarf. Big noses, and broad handsome faces make up gnomish stock, with straight dark hair framing their faces. Most gnome males have a perpetual five o’clock shadow, regardless of how long ago they may have shaved.

Personality: Whaddya gots to say about gnomes? Gnomes tend to be loud, and a bit obnoxious. Whether or not they do so to make up for their size is anyone’s guess. To a man, gnomes are gourmands, and would be hard pressed to turn down trying any sort of food once.

Gnomish Society: Every gnome claims to be from Venice. Now, Venice is a big city, but it’s not that big. Most gnomes traveling Europa will be from one of the other maritime republics that make up the Venetian League, like Genoa or Pisa. In the end, though, every gnomish city might as well be Venice, since it’s not the city state that the gnome really belongs to. It’s the cartels. Whether it’s the Cannellini merchants, the Garbanzo entertainers, the Fettuccine bankers, or the Focaccia baker-artisans, or one of the many, (and there are many, amirite?), other smaller cartels, every gnome is a member of one.

Relations: “Never make a deal with a gnome” is a proverb known to all in Europa. Universally loved for the quality and variety of their goods, it is rare that someone walks away from a business exchange with a gnome feeling as if they got the upper hand.

Religion: Most gnomes worship Midas, the god of wealth and patron of gnomes.

Racial Traits:
  1. +2 Dexterity, -2 Strength
  2. Small
  3. Land Speed: 20 feet
  4. Weapon Familiarity: Pistols are treated as martial weapons for gnomes, rather than exotics.
  5. +1 to DC against illusions cast by the gnome.
  6. +2 to saving throws against illusions
  7. +4 to dodge bonus against giant sized creatures
  8. +2 on Listen checks
  9. Midas Touch: Once per day, gnomes may roll a Charisma check against DC 15 when selling goods to sell them at 100% of their value, or buy items at 75% of their value. On a 1 gnomes receive only 25% of an items worth, and must pay 150% for an item. To save face, a gnome must pay this amount on a failed roll. On a natural 20, the gnome gets items for 25% of their value, and sells their items for 200% of their value. Afterwards, they must make an offering to Midas of 1% of their currently held wealth by spending it in some way
  10. Standard Gnome illusions.
  11. Gnomes may pick one extra language when making a character
  12. Gnomes must make a Will Save (DC 15+Will Save Bonus) to resist food that has been offered to them.

Automatic Languages: Talean and Gallic.

Favored Class: Rogue

Cultural Influences: Italian.


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