Language: Breton

Description: Tall and lanky, Elves are not known to have many comrades in the lands of the old empires of Europa. The average height for an elf is about six and a half feet tall, but many are even taller. Their skin tends to be very pale and freckled, which offsets their hair which ranges from chestnut brown to brick red.

Personality: Stoic and embittered, Elves do not feel at home in the lands of Europa. Goal driven to a fault, not many know the agendas of the elves that travel the lands of the continent. Elves tend to stay away from the cities of Europa, but when they do enter, they expect to be given a wide berth. They are not conversational, and tend to become quite frustrated with talkative individuals, especially when that talk strays to politics.

Elven Society: Little is known of elven society outside of Europa, and there are no elven cities in Europa. Rumor has it that the elves that travel in Europa do so as expatriates, having fled a tyrannical and bloody regime in Britannia that bangs the war drums calling for a full scale invasion by the human tribes. When elves do cross paths, they do stop to greet one another, so there does appear to be a common culture between them. Most elves can be found wearing a plaid cloak or sash which is representative of their clan. Those elves that do settle down, usually do so in a quiet out of the way corner of Europa with a small group of those of their own kind. Though they do not claim citizenship in many nations, the elves that do live in Europa are primarily rangers and druids who find themselves to be members of the Eilt Druin, the main Druidic society on the continent.

Relations: Humans, half-orcs, gnomes, and even half-elves find full blooded elves to be creepy. They are treated respectfully, but are rarely approached unless necessary. Legend has it that elves were once treated as second class citizens in the ancient, human dominated empires, but that does not hold true today, although in places where the Catholic Church’s hold is still strong, elves are not welcome.

Religion: Elves tend to be nature worshippers, following nature deities like Diana or Pan.

Racial Traits:
  1. +2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma. The nomadic lives of European elves has made them hardy, but not very sociable.
  2. Medium
  3. Land Speed: 30 Feet
  4. Immunity to magic or sleep effects and +2 against enchantments.
  5. Low Light Vision
  6. Truthsense: Once per day, all elves can make a wisdom check (DC 16) to determine if someone is lying.
  7. Weapon Proficiency: Elves receive the Martial Proficiency Weapon feats for Bastard Sword, Shortbow, and Longbow (including compound bows).
  8. +2 Racial bonus to spot, listen, and search checks. Standard secret door sense.
  9. Automatic Languages: Breton and Gallic.
  10. Favored Class: Ranger
  11. Cultural Influence
    1. The elves for this setting are designed to be culturally similar to Breton, Welsh, Scot, and Irish cultures.
    2. First Names: Bran, Rhiannon, Fion
    3. Surnames: Flannery, Mac Cullough, Limavady


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