Nova Europa is a campaign setting loosely based on Medieval European history, and includes a mashup of influences from the European Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Islamic Golden Age, and a smattering of the Renaissance. The initial location for all characters is in Gaul. Gaul is a patchwork of kingdoms which exists geographically in modern day France, Eastern Germany, and Northern Italy. The technology setting for the campaign ranges from low-tech/traditional D&D to early Renaissance tech, including simple firearms like muskets, rifles, and pistols. Gaul is currently emerging from its Dark Ages, and takes much, in terms of historical flavor, from the times between the fall of Rome to the rise of the Holy Roman Empire.

Centuries before the current in-game era, a magical empire ruled the entire known world from Roma, the Eternal City. Its emperors descended from a dynasty of sorcerers who trace their lineage back to the God-Emperor, Julius. History fails to record what toppled that great empire, but it is obvious to all that it did. In Gaul, once a province of the empire, the Half-Orc hordes that had been bred to be the legions of the empire overthrew the Sorcerer-Senators who ruled them, and set themselves up as lords of this new, post-Roman Gaul. This is the world your character finds themself in.

Currently, Gaul is experiencing increasing traffic from cultures and civilizations outside of its boundaries. To the west is Dwarvic Iberia, modeled after Muslim Spain, and to the southeast is the Venetian League, modeled after Renaissance Italy. There are other lands near Gaul, but it is a small chance that your characters know anything about them. Elves may know about the political turmoil in Britannia, but that is for them to know. What your characters knows about the world you have learned from your culture and your race, but you do not know the entire picture.

Nova Europa